Reasons for PINO-LA

  • Software for ETIM classification
  • Software for ETIM feature editing
  • Multilanguage surface
  • Simultaneous view of different ETIM languages 

Anything else?

  • Suitable for ETIM 5.0 and ETIM 6.0
  • Full ETIM 6.0 support
  • Compatible with various Software for BMEcat creating
  • free of charge - who we are and what we do

We are a young but nevertheless very experienced team of specialists in the fields of programming, software testing, master data management and data interchange. We have gained most of our expert knowledge in the area of electrical engineering laying the foundation for our skills in software development and consulting regarding ETIM software.

But how come we offer just another software for producing and delivering product data? There are several reasons that make our software PINO-LA something special.

First, PINO-LA focuses only on ETIM. ETIM is used in more than twelve countries. It is a highly complex and well-thought-out classification standard for commercial enterprises as well as the industry in the fields of electrical, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) and sanitary products. That's all you need and why we decided to concentrate on this and leave out any other classification systems.

Second, PINO-LA is a well-priced product. Investment costs are a frequently discussed topic, especially when it comes to buying a standard software. The mere licence fees usually add up to a few thousand Euros, a sum which small companies often cannot afford. With our free of charge software you can create your own ETIM data.

Reason enough? Then have a look at our webpage and make yourself familiar with PINO-LA.

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